Friday, January 18, 2013

Mystery Giveaway #8

Welcome to Giveaway #8 in Terri's Little Haven's January Mystery Giveaway. This one is for you GUYS or you GALS that have GUYS!  I would love to give this to my husband for his birthday.  GOOD LUCK !

I received a wonderful grooming kit, plus some balm, from The Stegosaurus Rex to review. You fellows are going to love this kit. This kit is made with "all natural organic extracts and oils that are astringent and healing." I love earthy scents on a male and earthy is what my Mr. received in the kit; cedar, clove, peppermint and bay. We (he) received deodorant, aftershave, pomade and cocoa balm for lips, hands and body. The labels on these products are so vintage and sweet to me. The Stegosaurus Rex
Two of these products can be used by men and women (unisex). The deodorant we (he) received is unscented. I've been wearing it for review purposes and it really does keep me dry. A lot of people are skeptical about all natural deodorants but if you knew what all was in antiperspirant/deodorant that is absorbing into your skin, you would search for a great all natural deodorant, such as this one, to replace it with. IMMEDIATELY !!! I also used the cocoa balm on my lips and hands. It smells so nice and leaves my lips and hands soft. Both chap so bad during this time of year. The Mr. has also been using these and has had the same results as I did so there isn't anything more to add from his review. The Stegosaurus Rex 
 I did not try the pomade or the aftershave but I did let my grandson use the pomade on the tips of his hair, explaining to him it's not for his root area, and the stinker talked me into letting him take it home with him after I helped him apply it. I guess that's a really good sign that he liked it, lol. He really loves the slick shiny look. He's at that age where anything goes, from slick to Mohawk. I never know what his hair will look like next. The Mr. has been using the aftershave even though as a rule he don't normally wear a lot of aftershave. He said what he likes about it is that the label advised us to put in the fridge to prolong the life of it, so when he uses it, it is cool on his skin. It keeps his face soft from the great products and oils in it. What I like about it is the smell :). Rugged, yeah baby. The Stegosaurus Rex
The Stegosaurus Rex is participating in my Ultimate Family Mystery Giveaway and will be sending the final winner a gift pack from their shop. I'm not telling what it will be :). Enter this giveaway form to claim your entries for the Ultimate Mystery Giveaway which will end somewhere around February 1st. One winner will receive all from the sponsors participating in that giveaway. It's going to seem like Christmas to one lucky family, I'll tell you that much. No winner will be selected from this form, it's here only to provide you entries into the big giveaway and to give this great sponsor some well deserved love and visits. If you haven't been participating before now in my January Mystery Giveaway Celebration event, then you should know that each giveaway only runs 48 hours. You can't claim entries for entering them after that in the ultimate giveaway so check back daily to keep up. US 18+ to enter. Thank you so much. Thank you for participating in the January Mystery Giveaway Celebration Event. If you want to earn 5 extra bonus entries into the Ultimate Family Giveaway please click here. Disclosure: I received the above mentioned products free to help facilitate my review. My sponsor will be sending a package to the winner of the ultimate family mystery giveaway, a mystery package at the close of this event.

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