Sunday, September 30, 2012


I am told that no one is perfect and yet perfection hounds us every day.  Yeah sure, who won't want to have a perfectly clean house, well behaved children, and a nice toned body BUT I am a real person with a real life.  My floors will wait. The laundry will wait (most of the time). The cleaning will wait and it will be fine. I am not a lesser person if I have dirty dishes in the sink in the morning. The only perfection that I profess in having is that I get up and try again everyday.

And I, my friends, am good with that!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Being Inspired

I've seen those blogs that after you read them you say, " well that doesn't sound too hard."  Then you attempt it and three hours into it you realize that it's going to take WEEKS for a finished project. I wanted something realistic. So here it is, Creatively Cheap and Constantly Crazy will help you create, save, and be inspired by everyday things. So join me as we venture through our everyday lives hoping the things we discover today will make tomorrow easier.