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Hey there, I'm Daisy May.

  I'm a mom of three wonderful active kids. I love to be creative and find new things to make life easier. I started this blog early October and plan on being HUGE! I have gained 500 fans within only a week. I'd love to partner with you to get new customers your way.

 I belong to several organizations and online groups of other women and Moms who like to hear about not only the new and unique products but also the ones that are essential to our everyday tasks. This blog is growing in the place for finding good deals, fun products, and awesome giveaways! If you'd like to get your product noticed, then I've got you covered!

There are 2 options to choose from: I CAN WRITE A REVIEW: Mail me a product or sample (which I keep) and I will share an HONEST review on I will take photos of it being tested by my family, and let my followers (via Twitter, this blog, Facebook, and blog link ups) see what you are all about. I will promote your website and/or social media pages. The review will be posted on my homepage the first day and remain on my site forever. I will create back links to your site (which will increase your page rank) and the review will be easily accessible on my Reviews section of my blog and linked to the actual review.
                 I CAN HOST A REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: You can choose one or several of your products for me to review (details as mentioned above) and then giveaway something to one of my readers/followers! It could be a gift card, store credit, actual product, etc. Once a giveaway is mentioned it flies through social media sites in a snap! People love to win things! Other bloggers will have the option to post about your giveaway...increasing your exposure! Word of mouth (or word of social media in this case) is a great way to get your product noticed. I look forward to working with you! Any questions, email me at

Thanks! Daisy May

FAQ about becoming a sponsor of a review/giveaway:

(Q)What do I send?
(A) You send me a product or sample to review (which I keep). When a winner is selected, Creatively Cheap & Constantly Crazy will email you the winner’s mailing address so you can send them the prize they won! If you want the winner to pay for shipping, that needs to be specified to me, so I can put it on the review post.

(Q)What can I submit for review/giveaway?
(A) I want to be honest with my followers and if I haven’t been able to try your product, I can’t give an honest review. I appreciate you sending me something that I can try out for myself. A great idea for the giveaway portion is actual products, gift cards, gift baskets, store credit, etc.

(Q)Who can enter?
(A) That is up to you, as you will be covering the shipping costs. I am in the U.S. so unless otherwise mentioned by you, my giveaways will be US only.

(Q)How long will the review/giveaway last?
(A)Your review will be posted and 7-10 days later the giveaway will have a winner. They will have 48 hours to reply to the winning email or the prize is forfeited. At that point you can elect to take the prize back or have me choose an alternate winner.

(Q)How do you pick a winner?
(A) will randomly pick the winner.

(Q)Will they visit my store/website?
(A) If you have an online store, website, fan page, etc. part of the giveaway requirements will be to go to your page and look around. If you have a newsletter, we can ask them to sign up for that as an “extra entry”

(Q)Who pays for shipping?
(A) I prefer that the sponsor pay for shipping. If you do not want to pay for shipping, we can put a disclaimer in the giveaway post letting the readers know that they can only sign up if they are willing to pay shipping.

(Q) I have more questions…
(A) Contact me anytime, I’d be happy to answer any questions you have! Daisy May at


  1. i was reading your FAQ and when you say that you prefer the sponsor pay for shipping, the sponsor being for example are or would you be the sponsor ? hope that makes sense. who do you consider to be the sponsor?

    1. Heidi the sponsor is the individual or company that I get the product from or that is providing the product for a giveaway. I am not the sponsor. I am just the one promoting it:)


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