Monday, December 17, 2012

Tree Cutting

My first favorite Christmas Tradition is cutting down the tree!!  My family started this when I was just a little girl. We would all get bundles up and venture out into the forest and pick the best tree. Most years my mother would pick and when she was unable my father. But our senior year in High School was our turn to use what we had learned from the "Master". I remember looking ALL YEAR LONG for the tree I wanted. Well of course I could never cut the tree's I saw from the road!! We learn well and now continue to carry on this tradition.  Over Thanksgiving my family and I went out and found five Christmas tree's for most of my family. We decided to get our own later since we had a good eight hour drive home!!

And so started our adventure.......

I am used to having a great selection of tree's to choose from. When we moved we had a VERY little selection to choose from. I first got information that the two tree's that I got to choose from was the Rocky Mountain Juniper and the Ponderosa Pine (which has a good six inch needle). Those ARE NOT Christmas tree tree's!!!!
So we went off to find our tree.

                                                    So we searched..

And searched!

And FINALLY four hours later we found one....

We thought!!!
to be continued

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