Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tree Cutting #2

So as I left you we had gotten out Christmas tree! We got it in the house, barely, and got it up. Well to tell this story right I must tell you that the tree WAS a good looking HUGE tree. It fell down the first night! Then it fell the second afternoon!!. We were pretty frustrated but I got it back up ONE MORE TIME! and it stayed for a whole day and a half so we started decorating:)

Well as we started singing and putting ornaments on and enjoying the Holiday time..................

It fell for it's last time!!! Scared all of us to death. The kids were crying  and all I could do was laugh. Laugh at how some tree's just aren't cut out to be a Christmas tree:)

Needless to say my Husband had had enough and he decided that we needed to get a NEW TREE. So he started cutting. I thought he would just cut a few off so we could get it outside but he kept cutting and cutting!!

And soon we were left with this. A sad Charlie Brown looking tree. I suggested that we keep the poor thing so kids started decorating. My husband was so mad at that tree that he couldn't have it in the house any more. So it is waiting to be used as fire wood this summer:)

As for our NEW Christmas tree it cost a pretty penny but is beautiful and just big and full enough to handle our Christmas! My your Christmas season have wonderful memories that you and your children will remember and hold dear to their hearts!

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