Friday, December 7, 2012

A Fabulous Center Piece!

An eye catching centerpiece is always a great way to get compliments during the holidays.  There are so many different designs that you can surely find one that is Fabulous!!

From Traditional to Modern. Colorful to Classic. There are so many ways to get your table to say "Look at me!!"   A centerpiece is a place that you can defiantly DIY. Like these wine bottles. They were textured and then spray painted White. Very clean and cheap.

Here is a live centerpiece. Although this one costs money. You could DIY this if you chose fake greens. You could use any Christmas style container and then add your own flair.

Or you could light it up with a runner and glass vases and bulbs!!  This is a little fancy for me but I do love the look. I can just see my kids pulling it off the table!!!  Well no matter what you style or theme may be there is always a great centerpiece just waiting to set the right tone for your get together. Christmas is a time the you can make things sparkle and really bring attention the the everyday table. With a little love and inspiration any table could be the center of attention. Good Luck with your centerpiece and may your holidays be merry and bright!


  1. Beautiful, frugal, and easy...thanks

  2. These are so pretty. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Love the wine bottles...and anything with lights! It's amazing what a string of lights can do :)

  4. Love all those beautiful centerpieces!

  5. I've always loved fresh centerpieces. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Everything looks so nice and well crafted!


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