Monday, December 3, 2012

Light it up!!

Lights are a wonderful start to any decoration. My motto; ' The more the better'. Bringing light into an area is the first step to decorating. Just think what goes on your tree first........... the lights!!! Well we all know that lights go on a tree and on our porch but where else? Let's think outside the box. How about a tomato plant support or chicken wire or even an empty basket or jar? can all of these turn into beautiful displays of holiday cheer? Yes, they can!!!

You can turn the tomato plant support upside down and then wrap with lights to make your 'fake' tree glow outside. Manufacturers have made lights with battery packs and that makes this a VERY versatile display item.  This website has a few idea's on how to get your Christmas Tree without a traditional Tree.

Another item is chicken wire. You create a ball from the wire and then wrap with lights. You can hang then outside or inside. Make the balls any size!! You could hang them or just pile them. On this website they had a neighborhood get together to spruce up their holiday street and hung these balls outside. The battery pack lights would be a must for this project!!! I think the best thing with these is that at the end of the season you can just keep the lights on the balls and they are ready for next year!!

You could place some lights in a basket in the corner and top it with some red berries or fabric. An empty jar would illuminate any area, maybe an empty fireplace.  The Idea here is to see the spaces that you normally don't see and light them up!!! I love these battery pack lights. You could put these battery pack lights any where and the best feature on them is they have a timer. They turn on for 6 hours then off for 18. So if you do hang then in a tree you don't have to climb to get them off and off!! I love it. I found my battery packs at Ace Hardware. Do you have a space that needs lights? Light it up and send me a picture. I would love to see other uses for lights!

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  1. These are such great ideas. I never would have thought of them myself (lacking a ceertain creativity gene sometimes) :) I love the tomato plant idea- I have 5 or 6 of them!


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