Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Which one are YOU?

First of all with the holidays you have to know what kind of "HOLIDAIER" you are. I've made three categories.
  Plan all year long
It's a hit or miss
                                           Oh crap I forgot
The 'Plan all Year Long'-ers are those of you that buy for Christmas year round! I am one of these. How you I know, you ask?  Because I will shop the DEALS all year with Christmas in mind. Like Melissa and Doug (love these guys) had a great sale of 50% off and then I got another 20% off and free shipping. So I bought something that would have cost $150 for only $60 back in march. These people also have ALL their shopping done before Thanksgiving and the presents are wrapped by December 1st. The stress here is that your thinking Holidays ALL the time and by the time they actually get here your exhausted already.
The 'It's a Hit or Miss' people out there are those that think about buying year round but end up just sometimes getting the deal.  These people usually get MOST of their shopping done by the end of November and wrap things here and there. Cards are a later thought for these people. If they send them it's only a week before Christmas. The big stress here is not remembering what you have bought and who you have left. You usually end up settling for something and then the holidays are a let down. 
The 'Oh Crap I forgot' ers are those that LOVE the last minute. Gifts usually aren't bought until Christmas Eve. Some presents are bought on Black Friday but really they don't know what they're looking for anyways so why deal with the crowds. Cards are usually never sent but thought that maybe they will send a Spring family letter. Most of the time if you are one of these guys you will forget that one person on your list and head out to the store at 8pm Christmas Eve. You know what the stress with last minute is but add the parties and there is no time to relax. 
Decide which one you are and then check back for a
Holiday Relieve Plan just for you. 


  1. Hmmm. I think I'm more of the hit or miss kind. I actually plan ahead, but in our family, we draw names, and don't draw until later in the year, usually Thanksgiving. This year, we did it at Labor Day weekend. Either way, if I see something I know somebody will want, I absolutely jump at it. After all, everybody has a birthday, right?! I am done with 2 of the 4 I have to buy for...but lost part of one of the presents. I hate when that happens!

  2. What about the can-we-just-skip-it? That's how I have been feeling lately!

  3. I guess I would be in the Hit or Miss category. I always big plans to start way early every year and I just don't know what happens:)

  4. Totally All year long. I barely get the christmas cd's out of my car in June because I just love em!

  5. I'm a little bit of all three LOL... I try to plan ahead, but that doesn't always work, and I'm definitely the type to pick a few things up last minute!

  6. I'm a hit or miss'er! I love the holidays and want to be a part of the hustle and bustle. So shopping early isn't for me.

  7. I guess I would be hit or miss, i always say I will start early this year, but then I always end up buying presents in the beginning of December..LOL...ohh well..


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