Sunday, November 4, 2012

Being Healthy, Happy, and Wise.

There are so many things in this world today that offers you weight loss. In my experience these things have SOME good things in them but for the most part you either have to do it for the rest of your life or when you get off it then you gain all the weight back. I am not happy with my body(what woman really is) but I want to be healthier not just lose the weight.  I find that if I put some work into reading about how your body works and what works best with your body I can become healthy.  I may not be at my "ideal" weight but I will be healthy.  This week I will be posting some information about a few things I have found that help me be healthy. Just a few small things that anyone can do to feel better in a chemical filled world.  So lets become wiser about the things that help us be healthier and then do those things to help us become happier.

Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.
- Buddha

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