Friday, November 16, 2012

Holiday Crazy " I Forgot"

If you are one of these I think you ARE truly crazy. You seem to enjoy the crowds and the crazy shopping. You enjoy everything until you realize that it's Christmas Eve and you still have gifts to buy and your suppose to be at the Cranford's party in ten minutes. To avoid this adrenaline rush I suggest that you plan your days to go shopping. Make sure you plan three or four days that you specifically go shopping. Doing this will help you know when your last day to shop is and how many gifts you still need. You could even specify who you are shopping for. Saturday, December 8th I am shopping for Mema, Lucy, and Ben. If you divide your list then you can focus a little more on the gifts you are looking for. But if your shopping and see something great for Aunt Sue then get it, you don't have to just buy for your list. The list is there just to help your mind focus a little more. And as I have said before write the people you need to buy for and the gifts you have bought for them. Here are a few you can choose from  It is always easier to look at a list then get out all the presents and say this is for Joe, this is for Katie. Enjoy the shopping and the lights and sounds just schedule your shopping days and the holiday season will go a little smoother and you can make it to the Cranford's on TIME.

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