Saturday, November 10, 2012

Essential Oils

There are a very few things in this life that are reliable.  Most things have a life time span and after that it doesn't matter how well you took care of it, IT's DONE!!! Well not Essential Oils. I was a freshman in high school when my mom started getting involved with essential oils. Back then I just thought it was mom being mom but now that I'm a MOM I understand. I have three essential oils in my house. They were the three I thought I would use the most and UNDERSTOOD the most about.

Lavender Oil:  I chose this because it was a very gentle oil and I could use it with my children.  It is used to calm emotion, disinfect the air, encourage a restful sleep, and soothes a tummy ache. My son had so much trouble staying asleep. From bad dreams to restless legs he seemed to always be up at night. Then I found this oil and I would blend olive oil and two drops of Lavender oil together and rub his feet before bed. He never woke up during the night when I would apply the oils. I was a BELIEVER after that. There are twenty ways to use Lavender Oil here on this link:  I really like the book TRUessence Benefits Book. It really breaks the oils down to a level I could really understand!!

Lemon Oil:  I chose this oil for my own benefits. Lemon is a stronger oil and needs to be diluted with olive oil before using with children (I usually do it for myself also).  I was hoping the lemon oil could help with my sluggish mood. It helps clear the mind, stimulate the brain, and is helpful with headaches, stress and depression. Now you ALL know why I got this for myself and I will be the first to admit it I NEEDED HELP.  When my gets all stressed out and worried about things I drop one drop of Lemon oil on the crown of her head and then defused it with olive oil for a couple days. It bring her back to her happy self:) This site has 34 ways to use Lemon Oil:  Lemon is a stronger oil so make sure you read about how to use it properly before you use it!!

Peppermint Oil: This oil has to be my favorite!! It is referred to as the 'Universal Oil' because it can do some many things. I use it mostly with my breathing. Whenever I get a stuffy nose or a cough I apply diluted peppermint on my nose and chest, I sleep like a baby. I put a dab of it on my temples to relieve a headache. I apply two drops of peppermint oil and two drops of Lavender oil diluted with olive oil on my shoulders when I feel them tighten up from a stressful day. I LOVE Peppermint Oil!! This site has almost thirty uses for peppermint oil:  Peppermint can be used with children BUT make sure you defuse it with olive oil before applying ANYWHERE around the face!!!!!
Essential Oils can do wonderful things from stopping your head aches to allowing restful sleep to putting a smile back on a face. They have changed our family life. Please read about how to use Essential Oils here and get a good understanding of them before using them. They are kinda spendy depending on what brand you buy. I like Young Living and NOW. I pay 15$ to 20$ for a bottle that I bought three years ago and I'm not even half way through it! Try them and see if you become a BELIEVER!!! 


  1. i love essential oils too, they are natural and can help our ailing body. I actually use castor oil for my knee join when it's aching. I should check that out too. thanks for sharing

  2. I can't live without my EO's. Jheylo Rosemary is good for joint pain.

  3. I will have to try Lavender oil for my big guy, he has awful night terrors. Thanks for this post!


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