Friday, November 30, 2012

The BEST on my LIST!

I thought that I would share the few things that I got my Family for Christmas this year. My favorite item for each and where and for what price. You let me know if you could find it cheaper, Good Luck!

The HUSBAND: Okay I couldn't just share one because I was so excited about them both. I got him a copy of Heroes Proved by Oliver North. He's been interested in it for sometime and now he might be able to have time to read it. Purchased on Amazon for $17.05.

 The second one is a Wally Bags 45 Extra Capacity Garment Bag w Two Pockets - Black. He travels some and wanted something better then the MLB bag for his suits. Purchased on eBags for $51.19.

The DAUGHTER: Now she was hard to buy for this year but I did finally decide on a Karaoke machine. It was a bit over the top but I liked that it had two mic plug-ins and it came with songs. Found it at Toys R' Us for $59.99.

 #1 SON: All year long he has asked for Armor.  I really didn't want to give him armor! For his birthday he got an angry bird pillow and he plays the game ALL the time. When he's done cleaning his room or doing his homework that is his reward. So I thought he might like this Angry Bird Game. He seems to like to destroy things:) Bought it on Amazon for $13.49.

Last but not least #2 SON: Now he was hard to get a good answer out of when asked, "what do you want for Christmas?"  The promptings from his older siblings seems to echo around the table. The one thing that he has finally, consistently stuck with is a train. Fisher Price Steam N' Speed RC Thomas seemed like the best fit. Bought at Toys R' Us for $29.99. 

So let me know if YOU can find a better price or a better gift since I did struggle with some of these. Or even let me know if these are some of the same under your Christmas Tree. 


  1. Great gift ideas! I really need to get on it, thanks for the motivation :)

  2. I haven't started my shopping yet. I like that garment bag and I think my son would also. He travels a lot also for his job.

    I think your kids will be excited this Christmas. Very nice choices. I don't have little ones anymore so I have no idea about prices on toys.

  3. I bought that Angry Birds game last year for my nephew and he loves it!

  4. My kids would LOVE a karaoke machine, but I don't think I am brave enough to buy it lol. You made some great gift choices, I think!

  5. Thanks for sharing! You reminded me of a book my hubby has been looking at, I think I'll get if for him! He's SO hard to buy for otherwise!

  6. We love Thomas! Never owned a garment bag, but I do love my Eagle Creek luggage.

  7. Great gift choices. You may have given me an idea for another gift for my son. An RC car and a train in one gift? He'd love it!

  8. The older they get the harder they are to buy for. I never bought for my husband, we always bought one big thing for the both of us or the house.


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