Sunday, November 11, 2012

HOLIDAYS....happy cry or sad cry?

The holidays are most likely become a big stress head ache when you are not prepared. Well who really has time to be prepared for everything that the Holidays bring!!! This week I am hopeful to bring some Holiday stress RELIEVERS to you because the holidays are so much nicer when I'm nicer, RIGHT? 
~ Stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Coincidence? I think not!~
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  1. I never thought about stressed = desserts spelled backwards! So true.

    1. No wonder when I get stressed I eat SUGAR!! THanks for the comment:)

  2. I always have an image in my mind of the Christmas season being blissfully relaxing... it never happens lol

    Popping by to visit and now following you from the Q.C Shmoogle Bean! I always love finding new creative minds :o) Looking forward to spending more time over here reading about your creative crazy adventures!

  3. That dessert pictured sure would lower my stress level if it was in front of me. ;)

  4. I sooo dislike that I already feel stressed about the Holidays. Not over my own preparations, but about my extended family dynamic. Ughh.

  5. happy time! i'm excited to see my sister and brother, who both live across the country. and i really try to focus on the most important aspect of the holidays- FAMILY.

  6. Yup. Holidays tend to make people crankier they could all use that reminder.

  7. Looking forward to your holiday stress relievers. I'm actually looking forward to the holiday season this year.

  8. Holidays always stress people out, especially gift shopping. Thank you for this post...


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