Friday, October 19, 2012

Ten minute Crafting with Kids.

I like Crafts that I can start and finish quickly. I also LOVE Kid crafts they can do with minimal supervision!! So I decided to post a Quick Halloween Kid craft.
Paper Plate Spider Web
Supplies needed;
   Cheap Paper Plate
   Hole Punch
   Yarn or String
   Black Pipe Cleaner (three per child)

Prep: Take the paper plate and cut the center out. Then Punch holes around the inside of the ring. Cut yarn or string about three to four feet in length for each spider web.

Instructions: Supply each child with a paper plate ring, length of string, and three black pipe. Show them how to push the string through the hole(tie this first one). Tell them to go across the plate until the string is done and then tie it off. Tie another string to the top for hanging proposes.

This is the spider shown with different colors to
help see the details.

Demonstrate how to create the spider by taking the black pipe cleaners and wrapping them around one another. Attach the spider. Hang up and enjoy!!


  1. i ll try this with my son :) it is a very creative idea! and it suits his room theme!

  2. I will have to try these with my niece and nephews they love to do crafts and kitchen experiments so I am always looking for ideas! Thanks for posting


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