Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Shower Magic

My lovely pink shower
So we recently bought a house and my husband kindly asked: "Sweetheart since this is OUR house and we are no longer renting do you think you could keep it a little cleaner?"......... WHAT!!!
It is really not like my house is dirty. Cluttered, yes, but dirty NO!  Needless to say to appease my husband I went searching for something that would clean faster, last longer, and make it appear as if I had just cleaned it. 
I have to say, raise your hands, hallelujah I have found it! 
OK, I know you have probably seen the Dawn Soap and Vinegar shower cleaner. The post I saw stated that you use the blue name brand Dawn. You would place 1 cup of hot vinegar and 1 cup of Dawn soap in a spray bottle, shake slightly to blend , then spray your shower and wait an hour or so. Come back wipe it off and your done. Not so!! I followed the instruction and found myself  ankle deep in suds. Not to mention that it took another hour to wipe it down. It DID clean the hard water stains and other stuff off so I gave it another try.  I am not a name brand person so I buy whatever is on sale or cheaper. I ended up with a Great Value green apple soap I bought at Walmart for $1.68, white vinegar, and a bottle that had left over Kaboom in it. 

Not wanting to give my feet another bubble bath I decreased the ratio to 1/2 cup of soap to 1 cup hot vinegar.  I shook  it slightly and then sprayed the shower.(I let my shower get just a little grosser then usual before cleaning so you could see how well it worked.) I only waited twenty minutes(the time it took to fold my two baskets of laundry) and then went back with a blue kitchen sponge and then hosed it down. If needed I would respray the really tough stuff again and wait another twenty but really the first spray got it clean. It even cleans the film off the doors! I believe it took me thirty minutes including the twenty minutes of waiting, start to finish. If that wasn't good enough I only do this monthly. Yes, that is only once a month. This not only saves me time but it only costs about .75 cents and I already use both items in the house. Nothing extra. Now about the husband, let's just say he's impressed that I'm keeping up my end of the deal!

Please feel free to comment on if it worked for you.  E-mail me with other ideas that you love.

Before and After

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  1. OH my gosh!!! I am so impressed with this tip.You are amazing for doing this and sharing with us.Thank you so much.Can't wait to try it.


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