Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pourty Potty Review

Alright I have three children and really haven't had a hard time potty training until NOW!! You see my daughter was fairly easy and then we attempted potty training with my son to no avail. Then my daughter told him one morning that he was not a BIG BOY until he went potty in the Big Boy potty! From then on out he never used diapers again. So we have come to the BIG #3 on potty training and I thought well I've done it twice right so the third time should be easier. NOT!!  I am a mom that says to wait with potty training until the child seems to be interested. So we waited and then in August 2012 he seemed interested. Can I say BAD TIMING. We had just moved a few months earlier and were headed back for our family reunion camping trip. Let's just say it was a no go with the long driving hours and then the outhouse access the only restroom available. We came home and he would SCREAM at the thought of sitting on the potty. I have never heard of anyone screaming and kicking not to be put on the potty. So back in diapers we go, mostly for mom's sanity and to stop the screaming!  I had heard from another blogger that she was able to try the Pourty Potty and LOVED it. Well I was not one for training potties. They seemed gross and a pain to clean! But as I looked up the Pourty I found that it was made of all one piece of plastic. No seems, no grooves, or crevisis that could get nasty.  

So I got it with my hopes as high as one's can be that I would be done buying diapers. I talked with my son and showed it to him on the internet so he would know what HIS toilet would look like. You should have seen him the day it arrived!! He was jumping up and down about how he got a potty trainer:)

So we removed all the sticker BEFORE use and tried in out. He did great. In fact he didn't want to get off:) So I let him bond with his little potty trainer. As I went back in to see how he was doing I found that he was pouring it into the toilet and cleaning it himself! Although it did make more work for me I was pretty impressed that he knew what to do. 

I am loving the Pourty not only because it's his potty trainer but we can take it with us with VERY little clean up if he does use it.  I do miss that it was just about an inch taller but my son is almost three and most kids train earlier.  So if you know anyone that is struggling getting their little one to go I would defiantly recommend the Pourty Potty Chair! 

My opinions are my own and will probably differ from your but these reviews are of products I have tested and the opinion is all mine. Feel free to create your our opinion.  I received one of the above item's for free.  If you have any question please email me at creativelycheap@gmail.com. 

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