Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Carnival Birthday

I was asked by a fan if I had any great idea's for a Carnival Birthday Party. So I set out to find all the wonderful things to create the best Carnival in town!

So first off all I made a list of all the things one would need at the party:


  • Color palette BRIGHT reds, yellows, and blues
  • Stripes & polka dot patterns
  • Balloons, balloons, balloons!!
  • Crepe paper
  • Decorated canopy to serve treats
  • DIY pendant banner
  • Carnival themed dessert table/Carnival themed candy buffet

Carnival Games & Activities

  • Ball toss
  • Duck pond
  • Bean bag toss
  • Candy bingo
  • Musical chairs
  • Face painting
  • Pin the nose on the clown
  • Prize booth
  • Photo booth
  • Rent a pony for pony rides
  • Balloon animals
  • Clown
  • Bounce house
  • Tickets

Carnival Treats

  • Popcorn
  • Cotton candy
  • Candied apples
  • Whirly pop suckers


  • Hot dogs
  • Corn dogs
  • Fries
  • Pizza
  • Lemonade

This list is a modest list of item that COULD be found at a Carnival Birthday party. You don't have to do them all and if your child doesn't or does like something more then bring it in. If your pocket book WON'T allow for everything pick your favorite.  

So you are asking where do I even start?  Well the Invitations and Guests. You have to get a count of how many you will be entertaining for! I really liked this invitation.  

It has a fun classic theme. You can find a lot of these invitations on Etsy if you don't want to make them but you can also get a little creative and print them out yourself to save money!

Now that you have the number of Guest's and invitations what next?  I would go for the cake!! There are a TON of cakes that you can decide from. The biggest question here is how much money.  If you are trying to spend less and making it yourself I suggest this pan cake. 

These are both fairly easy and can be done at home. You can alter them with writing Happy birthday on the front instead of Popcorn.  You can use real popcorn or the little mints or even frosting.  You can do a lot to these cakes to personalize them.

You can also go BIG with a cake made professionally. With that choice the sky is the limit (and when I say sky I mean money.) so you can make it as fancy as you like.

There are several different places to find Carnival games. I like Oriental Trading . They have cheap games of all kinds. You can make the games yourself and that way you have them for later use. You could ask around your community for a PTA or PTO group that might allow you to use their games.  If I had to choose just a few games to have I would do face painting, balloon animals, a fishing pond, and a BOUNCY HOUSE or 2!

Food is always a great thing to have at parties! I think at a carnival anything goes! JUST HAVE LOTS OF IT!!!! 

Carnival themed parties are really fun because you really can't go wrong. Get the invites out, make a cake, find games, and make food. You can make it big or little as your budget allows and get creative with it all!! I know my kids would LOVE to help make and set up for a party like this.  All my idea's are posted on my Carnival Party Board on Pinterest. So check it out and enjoy the Party:)

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